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Search Engine Optimised Web Sites

We are your complete seo web site designers, developers and online strategic partners.
Melbourne Web Designers provide fast, flexible and customized, all inclusive packages so you don't have to worry about your web site, hosting or online visibility.
Search engine optimisation- known by the acronym of SEO is the process of presenting quality, relevant content that Google will rank highly for the right queries. SEO is included in all our web site design and development projects, at no extra charge.

Great web site design does not attract visitors.
Search engine optimisation attracts visitors, great web design gives them a reason to keep exploring your web site, instead of looking elsewhere.

See this page for information about our Web Design and SEO services.

Website Development and Design

We are a full service website design and development bureau, with the skills and resources to build everything from a simple brochure-style site, to a fully-featured commerce or app-run web presence. We service all levels of business- from one person operations, to public companies, and can bring your most imaginative ideas to life on the world wide web.
We develop websites in Magento, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and Ghost- as well as custom application programming to bring any level of functionality you might need to your new site. If you need to get a website made, and have been wondering who might be a good website development company to use, contact us!
Your website is your store window or business portal, and maintains an open opportunity for anyone to stop by for a visit, whether they're in the research phase of an important decision, or ready to commit to whatever it might be that you offer for sale.
All this can happen while you are asleep, fishing, daydreaming or even sailing the Bahamas.
You can be doing what you feel like doing at the time, and your web site can be working for you as you do it.
We design and develop functional, responsive web sites with one very important advantage to you.
Our web site come to you search engine optimised- ready to hit the ground running with all the elements in place for a successful profile in organic search.
Our strategic alliance with SEO Experts Melbourne will get all the elements for a successful online marketing campaign sorted for you.

We design and build web sites for all individuals, business and organisations, from simple hobby sites to small and large businesses as well as online e-commerce and marketplace web sites.

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Web Sites

The new standard in web design, as outlined by Google in an event dubbed "Mobilegeddon" on 21st April 2015, is responsive design. This means websites should be designed and coded in a way which makes them scale according the window or view port of the device the user is browsing on.

Websites can often be converted to a mobile-friendly responsive design- or we can take elements from your current website, and build a responsive, interactive theme from the very first line of code.

If you're not using a mobile-friendly website, you will be penalised in the world of organic search results, and miss out on traffic that could be earning you money.

Get your website fixed!

Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines will also be able to breeze through your website with ease, devouring all your content for favourable indexing.

We avoid the use of technology and effects which make it difficult for search engine spiders to read and index your content. Having all the bells and whistles doesn't help you get the free organic traffic which comes from having high visibility in search engines.
The free organic traffic will be your greatest source of customers who are ready to proceed with your offer.

We provide seo website design- with the intention of having your website achieve the best possible position within search engine results. We write clean semantic code- that is, code which is compliant with current standards, providing a better visitor experience.

It's imperative to understand that fancy web site designs do not attract visitors.

Google organic traffic is seen as the top dog in visitor attraction, and our ethical, compliant seo web designers will have your website indexed for the most relevant terms which represent your content. This will help you get found online by the right visitors- those people who are searching for what you provide.

If you are a provider of a product or service to the market, it's likely that your website will benefit from new traffic- this translates to new leads and new customers! Effective website indexing will ensure you get more than your fair share of the free organic traffic from the search engines.

Web Site Designs You Can Manage and Update

Our unique custom designed web site utilise the best content management systems in use on the internet today. The advanced builds provide a control panel for users to be able to update their web sites themselves. This is ideal for a spontaneous piece of content that simply has to go live as soon as possible- even if it is the middle of the night! Once you experience the flexibility and freedom of such a system, you'll wonder how you managed without it!

Changes can be made to the content, menu bar items can be added or removed. We even make it possible for owners to perform their own website backups with a single click. If you've ever dealt with a one-stop web hosting and website builder company, you'll find our web site design offerings to be a breath of fresh air. We pride ourselves on fast response and turnaround times, and don't take on more work than we can handle.

The Importance of User-Friendly Website Design

The front end of a search engine optimised website makes for a fantastic user experience. Clean, easy navigation with a simple interface and uncluttered design will enable your website visitors to focus on the content, instead of being annoyed by blinking graphics, pop-up windows or disruptions to their browsing experience.

It is absolutely essential that the design of your website enhances your human visitors' experience. Increasing the level of visitor engagement should be a natural thing. There should be nothing that forces visitors to stop and try to work out:

  • what to do next
  • how - or where - to find what they are looking for
  • why something on your website is not working

Most websites cause at least one of the above three events to happen in a single visit. Many problems can be corrected by selecting the right website content management system.

We have published an article for you to understand a little more about some of the different technologies used in website design, in particular the different platforms upon which the websites of today are built. This article is written for people who are not computer geeks, so that they can understand the main differences between the most popular website design systems of today. Read about content management systems for website design.

You can choose from a range of web site design styles. We can easily prepare a design from your brief or sit with you and design a website that reflects the image you want to project. If you're not in a hurry, check out the Melbourne seo website designers blog, read the regular entries, and give yourself more information to draw from before taking such an important step.

What Web Site Design is Right for You?

We have website planning resources to help you ask yourself the right questions before you go ahead.

If you're searching for the best web hosting, we offer you points for consideration, with absolute impartiality- not recommending a host in the article means it's not biased.

We see many websites, some of them only need minor tweaking to realize their full Google ranking potential. Others are beyond help, and even worse still, running on a domain that has been blacklisted by Google.

We will recommend the right solution for you- based on your immediate web site needs and your long-term online plans. The second point is a very important one- based on your long term online plans. We look at where you are heading, and try to build a framework for the future, saving you money later on. Right now is a great time to get started on your web site- whether it's a fresh breath of life into a tired site, or one of our new seo website bundles for 2013. We can help with one of our affordable web design packages to get you started.

Fixing a Hacked Web Site

Have you lost your web site? Has your hosting company crashed, and left you stranded? Read about restoring hacked websites- and don't worry- it's all fixable. We can get into your web site hosting account and solve your problem on the same day you contact us, or have you back on track affordably and quickly with the best web site, if you need a rebuild. We guarantee it!

It's rare that hackers completely destroy web sites. Most hackers are trying to steal traffic from great ranking web sites and redirect it to their own dodgy little web sites somewhere. We seal the entry point used by the hacker, and get you secure again.

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SEO Melbourne Company

Your web site needs to be found, and part of the process of raising the visibility of your web site is search engine optimisation. Known by the acronym of SEO, search engine optimisation is tuning the content of your web site to be found and indexed by Google and other search engines, so that your web site is presented to visitors searching for what you offer.

Search engine optimisation is handled by our seo melbourne company. The web site has a range of topical articles, as well as different options for search engine optimisation of web sites.